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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an estimate cost?

New England Yankee Construction, LLC provides free estimates.

Does the contractor have to be licensed?

Yes, you can verify a contractor’s license on the internet at

How do I know the contractor has insurance?

Request a certificate of insurance before any work begins. You should also make sure that the policy covers environmental liability, pollution liability, explosion/collapse/underground.

What paperwork should I receive before the project begins?

A copy of the contractor’s insurance,(with proper endorsements), a copy of the contractor’s license, a signed contract, and emergency contact numbers from the contractor. You should also request a copy of the 10 day State of CT notification.

What should I receive when the project is complete?

Copies of all pertinent environmental paperwork, certifying that the work was completed to industry regulations. These can include waste manifests, bills of lading, final air clearances, and third-party reports.