We just completed the “day one” work phase for a fantastic client. This project came in later than usual, and the schedule was intense, with limited access and some of the toughest materials we’ve encountered. We had to wrap up by Tuesday morning, which required an extraordinary effort through the weekend. It was one of the most intense “summer slams” we’ve experienced. Issues arose daily—sometimes hourly—and without the usual time to address them, we had to adapt quickly. I can’t praise the team at NEYC enough. They really knocked it out of the park!

Now that the dust has settled and I have a moment to reflect, I realize how fortunate I am. We have an exceptional team here. When I thanked them for their hard work and staying over the weekend, their responses were humble: “We had to get the job done” or “That’s what I’m here for.” Humble, gracious, and hardworking! And those who weren’t there? When they found out, they said, “Hey Boss, if you need me next time, let me know.”

I can’t thank our customers enough for trusting us with these challenging projects, and I couldn’t wish for a better team.

Stay safe, everyone!

Christopher Godek
Founding Member and Owner
New England Yankee Construction