By   December 16, 2020

As the book closes on 2020, the demolition industry won’t soon forget a year filled with challenges, ups and downs, and new ways of doing business.

“We had what started off as a great year, but we took the roller coaster down pretty rapidly, and then it’s come back and it hasn’t been as bad in some areas as we expected,” says Chris Godek, owner of New England Yankee Construction and president of the National Demolition Association (NDA), which represents nearly 500 construction firms.

Coming into the year with a sense of optimism, the demolition industry was quickly met with a new set of challenges. However, breaking down barriers is often just another day on the job for demolition contractors.

“There’s a sense of resiliency in a demolition contractor’s mind,” says Jeff Lambert, executive director of NDA. “They look at a project that nobody else can do, and they figure out a way to get it done. They’ve figured out ways to move their companies forward during these times.”

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